☰ Jonathan Thomson Art


Words have power. The use of electric light in my text-based sculptures give them an even stronger physical presence.

“Better Than Sex" is an important statement about values. How do we know if anything is any good? Sex is a universal yardstick. We all know what it is and what we think about it. So when we see the statement "Better Than Sex" our immediate response is to ask ourselves "What is?" and to compare whatever we might be thinking of to the one thing that we all know with absolute certainty to be good. This gives us a baseline on which to make other decisions about the value of all things. As a philosophical statement, "Better Than Sex” may be as incontrovertible as "I think therefore I am”.

“Abandon Area” is a sign inspired by the secret underground lair of someone like James Bond 007's arch enemy. The hero has just disabled some vital piece of equipment and the whole place is about to explode. Sirens are wailing, things are smoking and this sign is flashing, urging all remaining henchmen still alive to run away. But the best artworks are those that can communicate effectively and on a number of different levels. So another reading of this work is that it designates a place where you can let yourself go and live life with abandon.

“Kiss” is a screen-based sculpture that explicitly depicts a moment / many moments of passion between one or more couples. It is presented in extreme close-up, and because both parties are stylised in the same way, the gender of both is indeterminate. You can read it, and associate with it, any way you like.