☰ Jonathan Thomson Art

Lost Seduced Abandoned

This series of super-realist works use cotton, latex and acrylic to create sculptural versions of women's underwear, depicted as if they have only just been discarded, whether dropped, thrown or kicked.

These works are powerfully erotic fetish objects that resonate with men and women alike. They are charged with meaning, significance and potential. They present art as sex objects and sex as art objects.

When we encounter these trompe l'oeil sculptures, seemingly discarded at random on the floor, we are instantly enmeshed in their narrative potential. What's their back story? What does their placement suggest to us? Are they Lost? Seduced? Abandoned?

The eroticism of knickers / panties / briefs imbues these items of dress with a sexual life and history of their own, detached from the bodies they are meant to adorn. When they are presented as sculpture they become signifiers of female bodies and women's lives and address many of the issues and contradictions of the nude in art without actually depicting a naked body.

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